The Queer Muslim blog weaves together the threads of stories separated by oceans. The effect of it is much like an enchanted tapestry, its material sourced not from one known spool but from diverse perspectives.

Yassin Boutayeb on expressing ambivalence of belonging and using Moroccan influence in his clothes. What was your childhood like and were there any Islamic Icons that you looked up

Based in Singapore, this Queer Malay artist is “a Buraq, a chimera” and a non-binary explorer. Several impossible things dazzle us on a midweek morning, as we connect w

On a cold winter morning in Karachi, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto seats himself across his screen. In his frame, we catch glimpses of an imposing shelf to the left, a few books laying down

“As a wise elder equipped with an old computer and a velveteen heart, Naani cares for all who need advice.” UnsequinedGay Q. NaniAmma, I’ve always seen pretty whi