With a growing global community of over 41,000 people. They use art, culture, media, and storytelling to challenge harmful stereotypes and norms, build power and visibility of underserved LGBTQIA+ artists and storytellers, and enable them to shape their own narratives.

The Queer Muslim Project (TQMP) is one of South Asia’s leading digital and cultural platforms for LGBTQIA+ and allied individuals.

We are a small team of cultural shapers based in India with experience in community mobilisation, film, literature and artist development.

We work with cultural institutions, non-profits, corporates, OTT platforms, literary institutions and festivals to imagine authentic and new queer narratives in mainstream media.storytellers, and enable them to shape their own narratives.

We work with a diverse group of queer and Muslim artists, creators, storytellers, and organisations from across the globe, including the UK, US, Canada, Germany, and the MENA region.

Started in 2017 as a safe space for LGBTQIA+ Muslims in India; over the last 6 years, we have emerged as Asia's leading online platform for queer, Muslim and allied voices.

Our work with gender and sexuality rights movements and the nonprofit ecosystem over the years has reaffirmed for us the acute lack of positive and affirming narratives about queer and Muslim identities, which significantly hinders the leadership potential and growth for marginalised storytellers.

Our work catalyses underrepresented artists as cuture change leaders and creates pathways for their professional and personal development, while allowing them to find networks, resources and career opportunities.

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