Share Your Story

Your stories help us collectively reshape queer and Muslim narratives and allow our audience to reflect and reimagine new experiences for themselves. Your contribution helps build a repository that sparks resonance and hope for our online community worldwide – letting them know they are not alone.

Whose Stories do we tell?

We tell stories about diverse LGBTQIA+ Muslims across the globe. Started as an initiative for queer Muslims to connect and imagine possibilities, today we accept stories from everyone who wishes to reclaim their narrative and share their joys, realisations, aspirations, memories, learnings and journey about being a queer Muslim on our social media platforms.

What can you share in your story?

  • You can talk about your journey in your own words

  • Share an inflection point that can inspire others

  • Talk about your relationship with faith and your community

  • About your sexuality and gender identity, and how it interacts with other aspects of your life.

  • About queer Muslim culture - Icons that inspired you when growing up, food and rituals that enrich your life, language and words that allows you to define yourself, films and visual arts that resonates with you

In what form can you submit your story?

You can share a photo story, a blog post, or even videos

Photo Story

Photos can help us understand you and the world you live in. We publish the photo along with a caption on our social media platforms.

Things to consider when sending a photo story:
1. Centre your caption around a central idea, with a hook that engages the reader. (Word Limit: 150 words)
2. You may include a beginning, a challenge/conflict, and a resolution.
3. Send us a few high res photo options (Resolution: 300 DPI) that are wide and mid shots against a non-busy background.

Please refer to some stories shared on our feed. Here are some examples

If you prefer to be discreet about your identity you can use a pseudonym, share a photo of your silhouette, or use other creative ways to remain anonymous. Here are some examples


You can submit clips or edited videos to share nuanced narratives and use visuals, music, voice overs to be able to create a world that describes your story. Things to consider

1. You can collaborate with us to create a reel about a subject or around a marquee date.
2. Send us a short brief (50-60 words) about the reel you want to produce. Tell us the visual form you would like to use. You can also share reference links with your brief.
3. 3. You don’t have to be a creator to produce a reel, you just have to be a good visual storyteller. We often provide support with scripting and video editing.

Please refer to some of the reels shared on our feed


We feature upcoming and visual and literary artists, curators and cultural leaders to create a wider conversation about queer Muslim lives and culture on our blog

To be featured on a blog submit a short proposal sharing the following:
1. About the blog?
2. Form- Whether you want to share it as an interview, a photo album, a short story, your body of work.
3. Tell us a little bit about yourself

**Your personal information will not be shared beyond your interaction (if any) with our editorial team. Learn more about our privacy policy

The final decision to accept or reject a submission lies solely at the discretion of the editorial team.
Contact if you have any queries!