Who we are

Qurbat Consulting Private Limited (“QCPL”) is a private limited company registered under the Companies Act, 2013. It supports and manages The Queer Muslim Project (“TQMP”). This privacy policy governs how QCPL and TQMP collect, handle and
store personal information with respect to its work, including the information of visitors to thequeermuslimproject.org and thequeermuslim.com (“TQMP websites”) and the use of its public social media accounts with LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram,
YouTube, and Facebook (“TQMP social media accounts”).

  1. Voluntary submission of personal information:

    a. QCPL only collects personal information if necessary to the specific project that it is undertaking and only with the express and informed consent of the person concerned.
    b. QCPL may ask a person to disclose their personal information including their name, age, photograph(s), location, nationality, email address, and information pertaining to gender identity, sexual orientation, and/or health or disability status. It is the sole discretion of the individual how much personal information they wish to share, or if any at all.
    c. The information may be requested for the production of digital content for the TQMP social media accounts and/or TQMP websites, this includes stories published TQMP about personal experiences with gender, sexuality, and faith (“stories”) submitted voluntarily by individual contributors (“contributors”). Stories may be in different forms, including, the written word, photos, video
    clips, illustrations, or a combination of them.
    d. Information may also be collected through applications to programmes conducted by QCPL and TQMP as well during its hiring and recruitment.
    e. Information is only collected from persons who are above the age of 18. Information of an individual below 18 would not be used for the consideration of the publication of stories, applications for programmes or recruitment. Such information would be deleted immediately.
  2. Other Information Collected:

    a. Certain usage information is also collected to better understand how visitors use the websites, which includes their IP address, URL they are coming from before visiting the websites, information about their device and operating system. The websites log this information and aggregates it to monitor the use of the websites in order to improve it.

b. The websites uses cookies to make the results available for any searches that are performed using the websites search functionality. A cookie is a small file that is sent out by a web site, accepted by the user’s browser, and placed on the user’s hard drive. QCPL does not match any information gathered by cookies with personal information that may have been voluntarily submitted. A user may change their browser settings to disable cookies.
c. Clicking on a social media widget hosted on the websites will lead visitors to various third-party social media applications that are beyond the control of QCPL. QCPL bears no responsibility for the information that these applications collect from visitors of the websites.

  1. Purpose of Collecting Information:

    a. The information collected by QCPL may be for
    (i) selecting, editing and publishing stories on the TQMP websites and TQMP social media accounts
    (ii) evaluating and selecting applicants to its programmes
    (iii) hiring and recruitment.
    b. The information collected through the websites is used solely to monitor and improve their functionality.
  2. Handling of Information:

    a. The personal information submitted to QCPL is managed in the following manner:
    i. Personal information, submitted either through email or a Google Form, may be retained in the email accounts of the organisation or stored on a Google Drive of TQMP, which are operated by specifically designated staff who alone have the password to the email ID and Google Drive. The individuals managing the information have a contractual obligation to treat the information as confidential.
    ii. Specific staff members who are directly involved in a particular project may be given access to information collected for that project through their official email ID.
    iii. Where QCPL uses a Google Form to collect information, either from a contributor for a potential story or from an applicant to a programme, the form may solicit responses which require the disclosure of personal information. Such disclosure is entirely voluntary on the part of the person.

iv. QCPL may also share the information disclosed by a person to a third-party consultant in order to facilitate review and assessment of applications for a particular programme. In such situations, the third-party will be under a contractual obligation to hold such information as confidential.
v. In the event that QCPL, TQMP or one of its partners seeks to use the personal information of a participant in one of its programmes for the purposes of publicity or marketing, it will do so only with their specific prior informed consent.
b. In particular, with respect to the information of contributors:
i. Contributors have the option to anonymise personally identifiable information to protect their identity by submitting information under a pseudonym along with an edited photo to conceal their physical characteristics.
ii. Contributors who submit their stories grant express consent for their stories to be published on the TQMP social media accounts and/or TQMP websites, and consent that it may also be republished by other platforms.
iii. QCPL does not publish any story without first reviewing it.
iv. During the review process, specific staff members who are directly involved in selecting and editing the stories, or managing the social media accounts, may be given access through their official email ID to the personal information submitted by contributors on the Google Form.
c. Information collected by QCPL is retained for a period of 10 years and deleted after the expiry of this period.

  1. Confidentiality:

    The confidentiality of personal information is protected in the following manner:
    a. All employees, staff and third-party consultants who may have access to personal information submitted to QCPL have a contractual obligation of confidentiality with respect to the information.
    b. QCPL only shares information with its employees, staff and third-party consultants on a ‘need to know’ basis, that is, only if they are working on a particular project for which the information has been disclosed.

c. Information submitted by a contributor for a story, will not be considered confidential once it is published as it is placed in the public domain for which the contributor has granted prior informed consent at the time of the submission of their information. Upon publication of a story containing personal information, QCPL cannot control who views or disseminates it.
d. QCPL keeps all other personal information given to it as confidential. Personal information is not shared with anybody other than authorized QCPL staff members and third parties granted access or entitled to access this information under law as described below.

  1. Legal disclosures and access by third parties:

    Third parties may gain access to contributors’ sensitive personal information in the following circumstances:
    a. QCPL may share personal information with third-party consultants working on a particular project or programme, who have the obligation to keep the information confidential. It does not otherwise voluntarily share unpublished personal information with any third parties.
    b. QCPL may be required by law to disclose unpublished personal information belonging to contributors with a) government agencies who request it for the purpose of investigating and prosecuting offences; or b) a third party pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction. QCPL does not have to seek prior consent of contributors to disclose their personal information under these circumstances, but will intimate the individual concerned if it makes such a disclosure.

c. Stories containing personal information that are published on the TQMP social media accounts and/or TQMP websites are accessible to and may be reposted by third parties.

  1. Grievance Officer:

    A grievance officer is reachable at the following address: info@tqmp.in.
  2. Security:

    The security of each person’s information is important to QCPL. However, the transmission of information through the internet or email is not completely secure. Although QCPL does its best to protect an individual’s personal information, it cannot guarantee the security of information transmitted through the website or over email. Any transmission is at the individual’s own risk. The website https://tqmp.in/http://thequeermuslimproject.com/http://thequeermuslimproject.org/, is hosted through WordPress, and The websites have additional SSL.
    (Secure Sockets Layer) protection, which is the standard security technology which ensures secure communication between web servers and browsers..
  1. Removal and revision policy:

    Individuals can request QCPL to revise for accuracy or remove their information held by QCPL or information that is published as stories from the TQMP social media accounts and TQMP websites at any point by writing to the Grievance Officer. QCPL endeavours to act on such requests within 5 (five) days under ordinary circumstances. In case individual life or safety is in danger, QCPL will
    act on the request within 24 (twenty-four) hours. QCPL will have no responsibility with respect to its published content that has been shared on third party websites or pages.
    10.Updates to the Privacy Policy:
    The Privacy Policy took effect on 01.07.2023. In the event QCPL changes the Privacy Policy, it will post the changes on this page so that contributors and website visitors are aware of the information it collects.